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Services Provided

Examples of services provided in the areas of train driving,
train dispatch, railway guards, shunters, train controllers and signalling



  • Safety validation of change to training and competence managementsystems.
  • Specialist review of operational standards and competence management systems.
  • Reviews of operational concept documents associated with train safety systems.
  • Production of competence management systems and professional policies associated with train driving, shunting, dispatch and signalling.
  • Development of safety procedures for managing sub-standard competence.
  • Due diligence checks on safety management procedures.
  • Review of safety management systems and operational risk strategies with a particular focus on signals passed at danger (SPADs).
  • Specialist reviews following operational incidents.
  • Production of operational safety standards and safety management systems.
  • Development of train braking instructions.
  • Validation of change following introduction of new changes and systems of work.


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